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How Are We Different?

EXPERTISE: You want experience and we have it. Good advice is everything. Music licensing is complex. There are no straight lines in Licensing Administration, especially in Synchronization Licensing. We know music copyright.

SPEED & ACCURACY: Our mastery is in the detail. Speed and accuracy is our pride and joy. Pilot offers accurate and professional execution. We are constantly evolving to improve our Music Licensing methods. We take great pride in building solid teams who offer personalized refined services. There are no shortcuts, at Pilot Music.

BEST FEES: Pilot negotiates the lowest possible licensing fees while assuring your commercial music clearance requirements are ready for your distribution. We know what your licensing terms should cost and negotiate with conviction. Our rates for service are competitively low. We offer rates tailored to your needs and services rendered. 

WE MAKE IT LOOK EASY: Pilot builds in the extra steps to assure the fastest Copyright confirmation. We offer strategic planning to maximize terms. Our teams know how to build your job to get the best possible result.

TEAM APPROACH: Unlike most music rights administrators that assign one person per client, Pilot provides the team approach where each Department Head guides your work.  Each team offers, multiple points of view, strategic planning, and detailed review throughout the music clearance and licensing process.    

PROPRIETARY DATA BASE: We maintain a proprietary database of tens of thousands of publishing compositions, along with their clearance history.  This allows us to streamline and add significant speed to the Synchronization Licensing process.

LONGEVITY: Pilot Music, in New York, NY, has longevity serving top tiered clients. For nearly two decades we have served some of the best in the Industry such as ESPN which started with us in 1996 and Howard Shore since 2000. And, these are just a few of our clients.

WE ARE WELL KNOWN: With Twenty (20) years plus we are well known to the Industry. We know the key Sync License decision makers and how to reach them for quicker response. This is essential to expediting our work.